Daddy Heather is a lifestyle Dominant who is passionateabout bringing out the best in others. She’s also obsessed with human behavior, psychology, and social psychology. Follow her on twitter for more @insidiousmuse

BDSM is intensely personal, sharing it with others creates a particular kind of intimacy, a bond that I believe should be built upon respect. Respect is not given on demand, but it’s earned. To me that means it’s earned through a strong, caring hand, listening more than speaking, and giving respect that is deserved.

I am a work in progress, as we all should be, I have no answers, no genius insight, I am merely a compilation of my experiences and choices in life – good and bad. Sometimes I’m goofy, sometimes brilliant, sometimes terrifying, and sometimes vulnerable; a complete person, with flaws, issues, strengths and weaknesses. I seek people that are open enough to be the same.