Penis envy

I used to think life would be so great if I was a man. As I get older, and theoretically wiser, I see that’s not true. In fact, I see the many challenges men have that are different to women, but no less challenging. 

The prescribed boxes men must adhere to must be exhausting. Much like the prescribed box women must adhere to. Here’s where we see the true male disadvantage – we’re talking A LOT about women’s independence and how women can do anything, Feminism, etc. While the discussion about men breaking out of their gender norm is almost non-existent. It’s like metrosexuals exist in the wild, but it’s not talked about in anything other than a mocking way. That’s gotta suck. A lot.

It makes sense that we start adding this to the modern discussion pallet, more than we currently are. Make it a part of what we’re sharing across the dinner table, yes with children. Incorporate the normalization of all people, all genders, to be whatever they want to be, from grade school through adulthood. 

Fuck the box. Fuck gendernorms. Be you. If “you” isn’t inside that box, or you’re not sure what “you” means then take some time to do serious introspection and figure that out. Point being, humans may not be evolving in the original Darwinistic fashion, wherein we lost gills, gained intelligence, etc. Now we’re evolving from that increased intelligence into no longer holding everyone to the same norms.

Deligitimize the patriarchy, the rules, the norms. How’s the time! 

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